Safer Homes and Neighborhoods

As a homeowner, you want to keep your home safe for your loved ones as well as friends and family who visit.  Be prepared!  Plan in advance for emergencies.  In the event of an actual emergency, you often have just enough time to take action. See the emergency and disaster resources below for useful checklists and tips on emergency preparation.

Emergencies are unexpected and often cannot be prevented. In those situations, it is always good to have enough insurance to help you bear the financial impact. See the insurance links below for information on obtaining the coverage you need.
Did you know, improving the safety of your neighborhood helps maintain the value of your home.
The good news is there are real steps you can take to make your family and your neighborhood safer.  Take a look at our safer homes and neighborhoods resources and plan ahead.  
Tips for creating safer neighborhoods:

Get to know your neighbor. Walk the blocks around your home and talk to everyone you meet.  You might even organize a pot luck block party.

Clean up. Organize a neighborhood pride group including children to pick up litter, cut the grass and make property repairs – especially for the handicapped or elderly.

Keep a dim porch light on all night to discourage crime. Encourage others to do the same.

Shut and lock gates and garages when possible.  This removes temptation and reduces hiding places.

Carpool, especially at night, and watch that each passenger re-enters their home safely.

Keep in contact with the police and report questionable behavior or activity in your area.

Create safe havens for children in fearful situations with a neighborhood watch program.

Start an evening patrol to keep an eye out for early signs of trouble.

Consider printing a monthly flier to keep the neighborhood updated on the latest news, crimes reported and anything else worth sharing.

Emergency and Disaster Resources

Information on disaster preparedness
LA County Office of Emergency Management

Resources for what to do after a disaster

California Department of Insurance

Information on insurance companies in California
California Earthquake Authority

Options for earthquake insurance

Safer Homes and Neighborhoods

Educational resources about preventing home related injuries for all age groups
Resources for a range of home and personal safety issues.
How to organize a National Night Out event in your neighborhood
Programs for youth empowerment and improving the quality of life in neighborhoods
Crime mapping and statistics for LA County
Crime mapping and statistics for the City of Los Angeles
Community policing and other local opportunities to improve safety
Background information and how to get involved in Neighborhood Councils
Block Club Manual is full of useful examples, templates and tips

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