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NHS has a number of programs to help eligible low to moderate-income buyers purchase their home.  The first question to ask is: Do I qualify for NHS assistance?  Find out by answering the questions in the eligibility guidelines below.  Please note, geographic and income restrictions apply for all programs.

Once you have determined you are eligible for NHS assistance, you can answer some of your other questions by using
free financial assessment tools or simply by registering for a FasTrak Homebuyer Education Class.

Completing the FasTrak Homebuyer Education Class will provide you with pre-purchase homeownership counseling certification and enable you to take advantage of any
downpayment assistance for which you qualify.

Downpayment Assistance
Families who complete the FasTrak Homebuyer Education Class can receive guidance in applying for downpayment assistance.  There are special programs at the local, state and federal level which provide loans to qualified families to help them purchase a home. These funds can be applied toward your closing costs or to your downpayment to lower your monthly payments and make them more affordable.

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Eligibility Guidelines
Answer the following questions:
1.  Does your household make less than the maximum income limits for your family size in the chart below?
2015 Maximum Income Limits










80% AMI*

$46,500 $53,150 $59,800 $66,400 $71,750 $77,500 $82,350 $87,650

120% AMI*









* Area Median Income

If you answered “yes”, continue to question two.

If you answered “no” because your household makes more than the maximum income limits for your family size according to the chart above, we are sorry but you do not qualify for NHS assistance.

2.  Do you plan on buying a home to live in as your primary residence and not rent it out to anyone else?

If you answered “yes”; continue to question three.

If you answered “no” because you are not planning to live in the home you will be purchasing or because you intend to rent it out, we are sorry but you do not qualify for NHS assistance.

3. Do you currently own a home? Will you have any outstanding mortgage obligations at the time you submit an offer?

If you answered “yes,” you may qualify for NHS assistance.  However, you will need to no longer own your current home or have any outstanding mortgage obligations at the time you close an escrow with NHS.  

If you answered “no” then you may qualify for assistance from NHS so read on.

Free Financial Assessment and Assistance

There are a lot of questions to answer before you take on a loan to finance a home. Here are a few FREE tools to help you address them.

Should I Refinance?

Refinance Calculator © ML

Try the Refinance Calculator
If you think you are ready to take the first steps toward buying your home, click below to download and complete these forms.  Bring the completed forms with you to your scheduled FasTrak Homebuyer Education Class.




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