Now, more than ever --- Legacy Matters

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October 08, 2018 Written by Lori R. Gay

Legacy kids

NHS has focused our work on promoting strong neighborhoods and strong families. We believe that affordable homeownership is a vital tool in building wealth for families throughout the Los Angeles region given the phenomenal value of real estate here. We’ve recently initiated THE LEGACY PROJECT which is focused on helping families and individuals to retain, expand and enhance their legacy for future generations by preserving their wealth.  Legacy matters. 


A Right To Live: Fighting for Our LIves

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April 03, 2018 Written by Lori R. Gay





What’s our progress on civil rights 50 years later?

So, at NHS, we like to deal in facts. The numbers matter. As we take a look back at 50 years of civil rights, we must ask how far we’ve come, right? Unfortunately, this now includes the lives of many more people than the ethnic minorities and women that may have catalyzed the Movement. Our most recent thing to watch has included the uprising by local students nationwide as they stand against the madness surrounding gun violence and the mass shootings that are taking place on school campuses.

Why should our students have to stand up at all? Where are the ‘adults’ in this scenario? Are we doing our jobs to help make sure our kids are safe? Clearly not, if you just track the data below:



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February 01, 2017 Written by Lori Gay

Dane new

Change has come to America.  Eight years ago, local residents joined forces with big business and small business all across America to vote for change when the Obama Administration took charge of the Oval Office.  Now, eight years later, Americans have voted for more change with the election of President Donald Trump. We look forward to figuring out key business opportunities with the new Administration to continue making changes in our communities that will strengthen neighborhoods for the long term.



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July 20, 2016 Written by Lori Gay

Crowd new

With a somber heart, we look ‘up’ to find hope and strength to carry forward a message of love to our neighborhoods.  FAITH matters more today than ever before. We must question, “What are we doing in America?” What is going on with each of us when we feel the need to carry a gun instead of a handshake or a warm hug for our neighbor? Why must we operate in fear, critique, judgment and hatred?

We each must make the decision and choice to stop operating with preconceived notions, use of stereotypes, from a basis of fear or hurt and not being focused on what is best for each other. Hatred knows that love is the cure. How do we exercise that on a daily basis? What are some of our issues?


Faith Matters - II

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February 17, 2016 Written by Lori Gay


 “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”  - Martin Luther King

So, we write about ‘faith’ again….and having it. Seems tough as we recently celebrated MLK Holiday by marching against human trafficking, and by seeing the Kingdom Day Parade become more commercialized. Now, during Black History Month, we have to wonder out loud…”have we made any progress?”

The issues exceed just race now. Young girls are sold into slavery in our neighborhoods by local and national gangs, and corporations. What is happening with the ‘beloved community’? Do we stand by and watch as our young people have futures that dissipate? As our streets get more riddled with gang AND police violence? Where does our faith lie when it comes to making sure issues of justice and equity have play?


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