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We help families of modest means become homeowners.  We also help struggling families save their home and preserve their neighborhoods from foreclosures. Whether you are trying to buy a home, save your home, or fix your home, we are here to provide help and hope.   

NHS is proud of the help and hope we provide to families every day through:


Meet NHS Clients: Charles & Darla Jackson 

Charles and Darla Jackson 1

Charles Jackson recalls an ‘oops’ moment with a smile and a laugh. “I left my keys in the door when I left for work,” he says. “I got to work and couldn’t find my keys and realized that I left them right out in the open. Man, I was nervous! I went home immediately and the keys weren’t there. But my door was locked! Turns out my next door neighbor walked outside, saw the keys, and grabbed them for me-he made sure my house was locked up and no one had gone in.”
Charles and Darla know the value of good neighbors and a strong community. Charles grew up in Carson and lived for several years in Compton, while Darla grew up right in the City of Los Angeles. The two of them have lived in their house in the Gramercy Park area since 2001. “We like all of our neighbors, know their families,” Charles says. “We even know the mailman really well. They all care about the community and are constantly working to improve and to upgrade.” Darla joined the Park Advisory Board so she can make sure she is doing her part to keep the park near their home well-lit and safe for kids to play in.
But their home needed repairs that they couldn’t afford. After 15 years of building community, however, moving wasn’t an option. They obtained a home rehab loan through NHS, which allowed them to fix their roof, remove an unsafe water heater, and fix up their bathroom, all for an affordable rate. “It’s wonderful,” says Darla. “Now that we’re fixing up the house, we can invite our family over, too!”


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