Neighborhood Sustainability Symposium – Expo Center

Thank you for supporting our 30th Anniversary Neighborhood Sustainability Symposium at the Expo Center. Families were informed and inspired to create great neighborhoods!

We help struggling families save their home and preserve their neighborhoods from foreclosures.  Other families are eager but unsure if they are ready to buy a home. We help families of modest means become homeowners.  Whether you are trying to buy a home or save your home, we are here to provide help and hope.

NHS is proud of the help and hope we provide to families every day through:


Meet New Homeowners: Mr. Alexander and Ling-Lingay Obispo




At one point or another, every teenager initiates the “I need my own room” conversation with their parents. Alexander and Ling-Lingay Obispo had recently found themselves having the same conversation with their fifteen year old son, Joaquin, who started high school this fall.  With their determination to reach their home buying goals, they decided to seek alternative routes that would enable them to purchase the home of their dreams. Alexander had initially come across an NHS property that not only had the garden he and his wife had been seeking, but one that would grant their sons access to a great public school. The team at NHS truly pushed the Obispo’s to continue their search for what they wanted and eventually Mr. and Mrs. Obispo found a home that surpassed their expectations entirely. Now Joaquin and his younger brother Andre started the new school year at schools with some of the highest test scores in the state of California, and do so with a little more room in their new home.



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