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We help families of modest means become homeowners.  We also help struggling families obtain affordable loans for needed home repairs and preserve their neighborhoods from foreclosures through mortgage assistance programs. Whether you are trying to buy, fix, keep or sell your home, we are here to help. 

NHS is proud of the services we provide to families every day through:



Meet NHS Clients: The Piniones


Recto and Velly Piniones are finally home owners! Earlier this year, they began looking for homes to purchase with their son Jared after being fed up with renting their old home. They had spoken to management multiple times about the same, recurring issues and nothing was being remedied. “You also just never know if the landlord will need you to move out some day because they want to sell,” said Velly. Unsatisfied with this possibility, the Piniones family decided they were ready to own a new home. After the retirement of her husband and learning that her income would not qualify during the homebuying process, Velly quickly took up a second job. It was hard work, but to Velly this was a small price to pay for the benefit of purchasing her dream home. “There’s just a good feeling about owning your home and the security of knowing you’ll have it always,” said Velly. In the meantime, the family’s real estate broker informed them about the Homebuyer Program through NHS, and she began attending sessions online with NHS. As a mother of three, and a grandmother of three, it’s no surprise to see the smile on Velly and the family’s faces!

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