We help families of modest means become homeowners.  We also help struggling families obtain affordable loans for needed home repairs and preserve their neighborhoods from foreclosures through mortgage assistance programs. Whether you are trying to buy, fix, or keep your home, we are here to help. 

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Meet NHS Client: Ida Mae

Ida Mae Edmond

Ida Mae has lived in Los Angeles for fifty years. Like many South LA residents who arrived in the 50s and 60s, she came from Louisiana, where she grew up. After a few years in the neighborhood, the Watts riots hit in 1965—but after the riots, a number of federally-funded health clinics opened in the neighborhood. Ida worked in one of the clinics for 29 years. She bought a home and has held on to it ever since, even as the neighborhood has changed dramatically.

“There’s been no other choice but to keep my home,” she recalls thinking. “I’ve watched as my kids and grandkids have had to move from place to place and how hard that can be. So I’m making sure that I can keep this house and pass it on down to the next generation, so they can have some financial security.” Ida Mae hit on two of the most important aspects of homeownership—the stability that comes from being in one place, and that it creates wealth that can be passed to the next generation.

But after many years in the house, there was a dire need to fix things up. “I was feeling anxiety and stress about the property falling apart, and not being able to afford to fix it,” Ida Mae said. She had already had a heart attack—the stress of possibly losing her home was giving her heart palpitations, and she was afraid she’d have another heart attack.

After searching the internet, Ida Mae found out about NHS and the affordable home rehab services that are available. She worked with the lending team at NHS to get a loan she could afford so she could fix up the house and keep it. Now Ida Mae can worry about one less thing. “I slept better knowing that NHS was helping me out,” she said. “I have less anxiety and stress with the knowledge that I’ll still be able to pass this on to my children.”

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