Neighborhood Sustainability Symposium – Expo Center

Thank you for supporting our 30th Anniversary Neighborhood Sustainability Symposium at the Expo Center. Families were informed and inspired to create great neighborhoods!

We help families of modest means become homeowners.  We also help struggling families save their home and preserve their neighborhoods from foreclosures. Whether you are trying to buy a home, save your home, or fix your home, we are here to provide help and hope.   

NHS is proud of the help and hope we provide to families every day through:


Meet New Homeowner: Kolotita Fue


K Fue


After obtaining her college education and maintaining a stable job as a civil engineer, Kolotita Fue decided she wanted to invest in a home of her own. She continued living at home in order to save on rent and started saving for a down payment. Kolotita began exploring her home buying options and came across an online homebuyer course that walked her through the purchasing process. After taking the course, Kolitita was referred to NHS by her realtor and began searching through NHS' properties. As a millennial, Kolotita is an avid user and strong supporter of Los Angeles' Metro system. Therefore, it was important for her to purchase a home close to transit so that she could minimize her driving without having to wake up several hours early to get to work. When she finally found a home close to transit with all the amenities she was seeking, Kolitita was ready to place her first offer on a home. Kolotita described this as an "oh my gosh moment" as she could not believe how quickly she had arrived at this life changing opportunity. Ms. Fue still believes that waiting to purchase a home as opposed to renting was the best decision she has ever made. 



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