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We help families of modest means become homeowners.  We also help struggling families obtain affordable loans for needed home repairs and preserve their neighborhoods from foreclosures through mortgage assistance programs. Whether you are trying to buy, fix, keep or sell your home, we are here to help. 

NHS is proud of the services we provide to families every day through:



Meet NHS Clients: Dolores & Jenine Robledo

homeowners delores

Dolores is a homeowner for the second time around, and she didn’t think it could ever happen again. Following some family challenges years ago, Delores gave up her first home, and she and her children became long-term renters in Downey. The house that they had been renting was previously rented by her brother for over 20 years. Now, that same house will be in the family even longer. About 5 years ago, Dolores started placing a little note with her rent check, telling the landlord that she was willing to buy the property, if he was willing to sell it. In the meantime, she started looking at other neighborhoods and tried other homebuyer assistance programs, but nothing worked out. Early this year, the landlord passed away and the family was willing to sell. After her brother showed her a newspaper clipping about a program through NHS and the City of Downey, she attended the session and started the homebuying process. “I didn’t think I’d qualify, and it was a lot of paperwork and some hurdles. But I pushed through, turned in everything, and now I’m very excited.” Dolores and her daughter Jenine purchased the home where they had been renting for nearly a decade. As Dolores signed the final document, she looked up, smiled and said, “Finally….I’ve got a home.”

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